hi everyone! building anything cool today?

i'd love to hear about it :blobcatflower:

Not building it yet, but I've been thinking about a Mastodon <-> Facebook bridge built on Holochain

@jump_spider sounds like an interesting project!

though I'm familiar with blockchains, I'm not with Holochain, what lends it to be useful for a project like this vs other storage technologies?

what other pieces of glue are needed on top to implement an end to end bridge on it?

Holochain is kind of a distributed app storage built on DHTs, as I understand it. The distributed nature lends itself to decentralized technologies, imo. But mostly I just want to play around with it, haha

I'm thinking it's mostly a matter of registering an app with Facebook, simultaneously setting it up as a Mastodon app, and then having the Holochain internals. If I'm not mistaken, it'll kind of be its own social space because of Holochain, part Facebook, part Mastodon

@jump_spider oh that sounds super cool. If it's meant to be decentralized, does that meant all the data is in a global interconnected namespace? or are there potentially segmented networks?

forward looking, do you think this could also be used to aggregate your own personal data into a single query-able storage unit, then distribute to "edge services" like facebook, mastodon, instagram, blog, etc?


AIU Holochain, it can be both or either!

I hadn't looked that far ahead, but that's a really cool idea! Kind of a reverse Perkeep thing

@jump_spider neato!

thanks for sharing your project, I love learning new stuff and basking in your enthusiasm! :chick_chef:

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