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Hello, have you seen the latest news about Matrix? Time to read This Week in Matrix! iOS clients, job openings, big progress on the IRC bridge and much more #decentralisation #decentralization #twim #matrix

馃毃 Okay, new people and new accounts, please remember: 馃毃

A lot of us are wary at letting strangers follow us, ESPECIALLY if you have not interacted.

1. Have at least a couple toots visible.
2. Fill out your profile.
3. At least fave a toot. (I prefer actual interaction, but I think some people accept favs as a minimum)


@adasauce just updated their docs, and I thought you'd like this infographic

/me searches xer local library for So You Think You Might Be Kin

pseudo self ad, boost+ 

Another great thing to do is change your DNS to @opennic. That way you can depend less on the domain name registry. And if everyone starts using openNIC, people will start buying more openNIC domains. Thus, another part of the internet dominated by oss.

CC @jonah

My cat, Dottie 

Reconnecting with a professor I worked with as an undergrad, finally coming out to him after years of avoiding it. He was so generous during our work together, he actually listed me as the last author of the article, which is still a highlight of my life.

I'm so thankful that he accepted me. His acceptance, the acceptance of my friends, and oftentimes the acceptance of my workplaces, goes a long way to make up for a father who "accept[s] [me] but not the idea of being trans"

tl;dr - If you want to read Medium articles for free and you use birdsite, DM a link of the article to yourself. For whatever ludicrous reason, Medium links from Twitter bypass their paywall

What's my secret, Cap? I'm fine with any pronouns; I can't be misgendered

Coming to tells with the personal want to consent but not being able to

Do I have any fedi people who use @inventaire or #OpenLibrary or something similar? I'm thinking of maybe tracking my books in the web, and I'm curious what folks' experiences are.

Is it just me, do most console cowboys look down on people who use fish?

just spent another ten hours on my tattoo artist's table. please say hello to my extremely bisexual pansexual tattoo

Seriously thinking about getting hardcore into tea. Anyone have recommendations?

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