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Does anyone have a link to how #ruby 2.7 does pattern matching under the hood? Like, is there a method you can implement on your own objects to hook into it?

Still thinking about an interviewer saying, "Decentralized technologies are interesting, but the problem I always find with them is, how do you generate revenue?" and seeing his eyes glaze over when I instantly responded, "You don't"

He leapt a little though when I mentioned how Mastodon is purely chronological because duh.

Implementing the intcode computer from #adventofcode in Elixir was a lot of fun. Working with immutable data is very satisfying.

It's a single user instance, but eh, Lost Angles says trans rights

For people reading this who would like to contribute to an *existing* fediverse software project that is not Mastodon, try these:
鈥 The glitch-soc fork:
鈥 Misskey:
鈥 Kibou:
鈥 Dolphin:
鈥 Rustodon:
鈥 Pleroma:
鈥 GNU Social:

So nice to see that posts on freelancer dot com are equal parts phishing, unrealistic, and trolling

I've associated code with nicotine and now I pay the price

Well, my various servers are still running. I guess you don't really need to pay DO anything

What we need isn't free #software but human software. Made from the start with the full awareness that its whole point is to help human beings. Who are vulnerable, diverse and make mistakes.

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